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Unique Identifier with callback

Hello, is there any way to attach the internal_id of a member when we authenticate via oath? Response Object Includes the following: access_token: Access token to save on behalf of the user id_token: JSON Web Token representing OpenID's id_token scope: "all" token_type: "Bearer" expires_in: Access tokens do not expire is there any way to get the internal ID of a member { "_id": "zi82jshHS83988d", "external_id": "1234567890", "created": "2022-10-24T12:34:52.262Z", "custom_answers": null, "customer_id": null, "display_name": "JOHN F. DOE", "email": "[email protected]", "expiration_date": null, "joined": "2029-10-24T16:38:09.933Z", "members_id": "mvms6cDrQP4raij4Q", "membership_name": "00s", "membership_type": "ADASsdadsad8", "profile": { "phone": "1234567890", "first_name": "WESLAW", "last_name": "DOE", "address": { "street": "NOT REAL, FR", "city": "NOWHERE", "region": "NA", "zip": "12334-4344", "country": "US" } }, "status": 100, "subscription_id": null }, above is an example of a return object when querying for a member. I can successfully authenticate a member, HOWEVER what am I supposed to do after I authenticate them? I've got no clue what their name is, membership level, email. I have to have some sort of way to query for the information of the member. TIA

support for 2 legged oauth flow?

It doesn't seem like the grant_type=client_credentials flow is supported. Can this be added? If not, how can a server query the api when it isn't acting on behalf of another user?

filter members query

hello, we have a LOT of memberships. I was wondering if there is a way to query the API just for pending or prospective memberships?