Membership Types

Within Join It, Membership Types are the most fundamental way to segment and organize your Memberships.

Within Join It, you can set up Membership Types which dictation the price and billing behavior of Memberships. All Memberships are associated with 1 Membership Type.

Below is a JSON example of a Membership Type:

   "membership_name":"Basic Paid",
   "description": null,
   "duration": 1,
   "duration_interval_type": "year",
   "registration_type": "individual",
_idstringInternal ID to identify Membership Types
membership_namestringName given by organization admin to identify the Membership Type
descriptionstringDescription set by org admin to explain the details of the Membership Type to members
statusnumberStatus of the Membership Type. 100 is default and displayed on the profile. 200 means the Membership Type is hidden from the profile and available via direct link.
durationnumberNumber value depicting the count of the set interval type. For example, if this is '3' and the duration_interval_type is 'month' then the membership spans 3 months.
duration_interval_typestringPotential values: day, week, month, year
duration_displaystringUser legible value depicting the duration of a membership (e.g. 1 year is 'Annual').
registration_typestringEither 'individual' or 'group'
priceobjectobject containing details of the Membership Type's price
price.valuenumbernumber depicting the price of the membership in the currency's lowest unit (e.g. 100 in 'usd' is $1.00)
price.currencystring3-digit currency value
price.displaystringUser legible string to explain the price (e.g. 1000 and 'usd' will be $10.00).
price.typestringCan be 'fixed' or 'donation'. If it's 'donation' then the member determines the price and the 'value' of acts as a minimum.
recurringbooleanDepicting whether the Membership Type is set up to be automatically rebilling, one-time payment, or optional rebilling. Values can be true, false, or null (null represents optional rebilling).