Below is a definition of the Memberships object

    "_id": "iHz7afKsBGE27rtvu",
    "external_id": null,
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "display_name": "Mitchell Colleran",
    "expiration_date": "2023-09-18T13:00:01.603Z",
    "membership_type": "uKXThjCC5ftd33XB9",
    "membership_name": "Basic",
    "status": 100,
    "customer_id": null,
    "subscription_id": null,
    "custom_answers": [
        "question": "Favorite Day of the Week",
        "answer": "Friday",
        "question_id": "5EmEsZbGku9w2AvRv"
        "question": "Do you agree to terms?",
        "answer": "Accepted",
        "question_id": "HEvbdXMrvk3EPEmFo"
    "profile": {
      "first_name": "Mitchell",
      "last_name": "Colleran",
      "company": "Join It, Inc",
      "job_title": "Founder"
    "profile_pic": null,
    "profile_pic_crop": null,
    "joined": "2022-09-18T13:00:01.618Z",
    "created": "2022-09-18T13:00:01.618Z"
_idstringInternal ID to identify Memberships
createddatetimeDatetime when the Membership was created in the Join It system
joineddatetimeDatetime when the Membership join the Organization. While often the same as 'created', these values can be adjusted by admins or backdated during import.
updateddatetimeDatetime when the Membership was last updated.
display_namestringString representing the primary display name of the Membership. Typically a combination of first_name + last_name, but a setting can adjust this to be the name of the Organization that is being represented (think Chamber of Commerces).
emailstringEmail address (hint: can be null)
statusnumberStatus of the Membership (50 = Prospective, 75 = Pending, 100 = Active, 300 = Expired, 350 = Cancelled).
external_idstringID assigned by the Organization (hint: can be null)
expiration_datedatetimeDatetime when a Membership is set to expire (can be null for lifetime or automatically re-billing Memberships)
rebilling_datedatetimeDatetime when a Membership is set to automatically re-bill (can be null for one-time payment memberships or Memberships with an Expiration Date).`
custom_answersarrayArray of Custom Answer Objects associated with the Membership
custom_answers.$.question_idstringUnique ID associated with the Question
custom_answers.$.questionstringPrompt of the Question
custom_answers.$.answerstringMembership's respective Answer for the Question
profileobjectObject that represents the Membership's profile information (individual object traits defined below)
profile.first_namestringFirst name of a Membership
profile.last_namestringLast name of a Membership
profile.companystringCompany of a Membership
profile.job_titlestringJob Title of a Membership
profile.birthdaydatetimeBirthday of a Membership
profile.genderstringGender of a Membership
profile.phonestringPhone of a Membership
profile.facebookstringFacebook username of a Membership
profile.twitterstringTwitter username of a Membership
profile.linkedinstringLinkedin username of a Membership